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Distinguished Engineer Photo: Russell H. Logan
Russell H. Logan

Russell H. Logan

Distinguished Engineer



Electrical Engineering – 1951



At Time of Nomination in 1985

Russell H. Logan is a Texas Instruments Senior Fellow for Radar Technology. He was born in Coahoma, Texas in Howard County and graduated from Lubbock High before attending Texas Tech and earning his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1951. In 1966, he earned a MS. from S.M.U. on a full Texas Instruments Honors Scholarship. His expertise is in the application of microwave and associated sensors and control systems.

Mr. Logan joined Texas Instruments in 1956 after working for the Sandia Corporation and the Texas Electric Service. He has proven himself a practicing professional in every sense of the word. He has patents for four inventions and two co–patents of far–reaching significance in radar system development. He has numerous scientific publications and presentations to his credit and has also taken the lead in the issue of graduate education in electrical engineering and its relevance to industry.

Among many accomplishments, Mr. Logan directed the development of one of the Navy’s most successful periscope–detection, ocean–control radar and performed a system technical overview for the world’s first all solid–state phased arrays: MERA and RASSR. He was responsible for the design–to–cost development and testing of the MRCA radar for the European Tornado aircraft and is credited for the concept and initial test success of a major classified radar system. Mr. Logan serves on the Air Force 21st Century Tactical Command and Control committee.

Mr. Logan’s work has a direct bearing on our nation’s security. He is generally responsible for guaranteeing that the most advanced technology and finest expertise are applied to new and complex radar systems. Because of his demonstrated abilities in research and development and his efficient management of large–scale, tightly scheduled projects with high performance results, Texas Instruments has assigned him to some of their highest priority scientific and engineering tasks.

The College of Engineering is very pleased to designate Russell H. Logan DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER.

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