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Distinguished Engineer Photo: Thomas S. Moore
Thomas S. Moore

Thomas S. Moore

Distinguished Engineer



Mechanical Engineering, B.S. – 1964


Mechanical Engineering, M.S. – 1965



At Time of Nomination in 1998

Thomas S. Moore graduated from Texas Tech University in 1964 with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and in 1965 received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After graduating from Tech, he joined Ford Motor Company, moving through the Light Truck Engineering organization from college trainee, to Steering Engineer, to Supervisor of several areas, to Manager of Design Analysis, and to Executive Engineer of Advanced Engineering. His last assignment with Ford Motor Company was as Executive Engineer for a total new vehicle, which in production became the Ford Windstar.

In 1989, he joined the Chrysler Corporation as the General Manager of the Liberty and Technical Affairs area. Some of the major projects under his direction include the all new electric powered car (Destiny), new ideas combined into a "tall car" (Prodigy), a hybrid powertrain race car (Patriot) using a liquid natural gas fueled turbine engine and a flywheel energy storage device. Another project is the "Basic Transportation Vehicle" (BTV), which is intended to be a vehicle that would be manufactured in developing countries (India, China, etc.) and be profitable at a market price much less than the current lowest cost vehicle available. He is also working with the hybrid electric vehicle program under a Department of Energy cost share program. This project is a major effort to develop a powertrain for an up to 80 miles per gallon "Super Car" as the centerpiece of the "partnership for a New Generation Vehicle" effort underway between the Big Three Auto Companies and the US Government. The Dodge Intrepid ESX2, a concept car shown at the 1998 Detroit Auto Show, demonstrated this powertrain and the thermoplastic body technology.

Mr. Moore is a member of the Executive Board for the Michigan Center for High Technology, the Society of Automotive Engineers – Cooperative Research Executive, Committee Chairman of the Mobility Technology Planning Forum, Chairman of the Emerging Technologies Advisory Board, Technical Standards Board, and the Engineering Society of Detroit. He serves as a member of industrial advisory boards at the University of Illinois, Ohio State University, Lawrence Technological University, and the Michigan Technological University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan.

Tom Moore and his wife, Patricia, have two children, Karen and Mitchell.

Texas Tech University is privileged to recognize the excellence of Thomas S. Moore, and to name him DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER.

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