Texas Tech University

2000 Distinguished Engineers


2000 Distinguished Engineer Award Recipients

2000 Distinguished Engineers
Top row (from left to right) W. R. "Rick" Hamm (Civil Engineering, 1970), Jimmy D. Williams (Mechanical Engineering, 1972)
Bottom row (from left to right) Robert C. "Bob" Banasik (Industrial Engineering, 1967), Robert R. Click (Chemical Engineering, 1948)

To recognize some of the most outstanding alumni of Texas Tech University, the Whitacre College of Engineering has established the Distinguished Engineer Award. These awards are given for outstanding achievement both inside and outside the profession. Recipients have received a degree from the Texas Tech University Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering, are distinguished in their endeavors, have continued interest outside the field of engineering, and are people of integrity, stature, and demonstrated ability. In this year, there were four recipients.