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Master of Science in Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Software Engineering (MS SE) through the Computer Science department is intended to give the graduate a firm foundation in the definition, development and maintenance of complex software systems using traditional engineering process methods.

The degree plan specifies information, such as in the case of the master's thesis plan: the Thesis Advisory Committee, the title of the thesis, and the courses to be taken. The graduate school requires the degree plan to be submitted during the first semester of study. It also serves as the application for Admission to Candidacy. See the Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog for further details about the requirements for Admission to Candidacy.

For the thesis plan, students should make every effort to find a Thesis Advisor in an area of research compatible with their interests as soon as possible. Thesis Advisors may require students to take certain courses in order to prepare the student for research; therefore, students should allow the Thesis Advisor to assist in the selection of courses for their degree plan.

Minor courses are, in general, not allowed in the degree plan of the non−thesis plan, but are allowed on a limited basis in the degree plan of the thesis plan, as long as those courses would support the student's research. No minor courses will be counted if an equivalent computer science course exists. Please see the Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog for the details of minors at the master's level. Please see the Graduate Advisor for minor course degree plan approval before taking the minor courses.

If a student switches from the thesis to the non−thesis plan, then any CS 6000 or possibly CS 7000 courses taken will be lost and not included on the non−thesis degree plan.

The degree plan may be modified later by filling out the degree plan change form. Any changes should be submitted before the graduation semester.

All requirements for all degree plans must be completed within a period of 6 years.

Leveling Requirements

Students who do not hold a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or a related field may be required to complete undergraduate leveling work.

Without mathematics background

  • Statistics
  • Calculus I
  • Discrete Math
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Operating Systems OR Computer Architecture

With mathematics background

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Operating Systems OR Computer Architecture

Degree Requirements

Students in the MS SE program are subject to all Master's Degree regulations as outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

The Curriculum

The degree plan for students pursuing a MS SE degree must include the following courses:

  • CS 5363 Software Project Management
  • CS 5373 Software Modeling and Architecture
  • CS 5374 Software Verification and Validation

In addition, students select electives from the following categories:

SE Electives

  • CS 5332 Special Topics in Software Engineering
  • CS 5355 Real Time and Time Sharing Systems
  • CS 5377 Distributed SystemsCS 5379 Parallel Processors and Processing
  • CS 5380 Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems
  • IE 5320 Systems TheoryOther Software Engineering electives

Computer Science Electives

CS Graduate courses

Students must take five  courses from the SE electives and four courses from the CS electives.  As non-thesis students, distance students cannot apply CS 6000 or CS 7000 toward their degrees. In addition, students must pass a written comprehensive examination near the end of their studies.

For More Information

Please visit the Master of Science in Software Engineering Department website

The graduate advisor for the Computer Science department is Jeannette Diaz.

If you have questions about the degree program, please contact him:

Jeannette Diaz | Graduate Chief Academic Advisor

Texas Tech University | Computer Science

MS 43104 | Lubbock, TX 79409-3104

T (806) 742-3527 | F (806) 742-3519 | email: jeannette.diaz@ttu.edu  | http://www.cs.ttu.edu/