Texas Tech University


Testimonials from Employers

Andrew Whitaker, Business Development Manager Corporate Steel Plate Structures at CB&I

"I think that meeting people and exploring other cultures are key take-aways to an international experience. I think an individual can also develop new language skills, if driven enough - which are becoming more desirable by the day to many companies."

Brian Kelly, Systems Estimator at CB&I

"Students can get some great exposure working overseas. Any work experience during school is valuable, but working overseas gives exposure to barriers such as language and cultural differences that can be difficult to overcome. Also, it's extremely beneficial to personal development. Students have to move far away from their friends and family, and learn how to function (more or less) completely on their own. This does wonders for confidence, maturity, and problem solving skills. It much better prepares them for finishing school and moving on to being completely independent."

Jessica Kelly, Project Controls Steel Plate Structures at CB&I

"The biggest skill I acquired while working overseas was the ability to understand different cultures. The way people are raised plays a big part in how they conduct business as adults. Learning these cultural differences helped me succeed and earn respect in the workplace. My overall technical knowledge increased as well. When dealing with language barriers, you have to find different and unique ways to explain yourself."

Robert Sciano  at CB&I

"Since working overseas you appreciate what the world has to offer. Since graduating in the Fall of 2007, I have been to four (4) continents, swam in four (4) oceans, seen volcanos in Hawaii, the Eiffel tower, the Panama Canal, the Coliseum, Machu Picchu, been on African Safaris and reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. And I still want and will see more."