Texas Tech University

Engineering Safety Champion Award


The engineering safety champion award has been established to recognize lab/shop that uses best safety practices in their teaching and/or research activities, maintains excellent housekeeping and actively promotes a culture of safety.


The nominee must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have been accident-free during the calendar year they will be awarded for.
  2. Safety survey results from EH & S, college and departmental safety walk-through, demonstrate a culture of safety.
  3. Promote and maintain a good safety culture which includes proactive measures such as near misses reporting, safety meetings, etc.
  4. For the group having multiple lab/shop spaces, the nomination will be based on the physical space rather than the group.
  5. For lab/shop space shared by multiple groups, the nomination must be based on the physical space for all group in that space.
  6. The same group can be repeatedly nominated and awarded every year.


Nominations will be submitted by the departmental safety committee by Dec. 15 every year and the winners will be determined by the college safety committee at the beginning of the following year. An award sticker (an example as shown below) will be placed on the winning group's lab/shop door.

2019 Safety Champion Recipients



Chemical Engineering – Livermore Lab 207 (PI: Dr. Ya-Wen Chang)


Petroleum Engineering – Terry Fuller PE Lab 105G (PIs: Dr. Marshall Watson and Dr. Talal Gamadi)


Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering – IMSE 108A (PI: Dr. Weilong Cong)


Petroleum Engineering – Terry Fuller PE Lab 108 (PIs: Dr. Lloyd Heinze and Dr. James Sheng)

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