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West Texas BEST Robotics


Our mission is to engage, excite, and inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through participation in a sports-like science- and engineering-based robotics competition.

BEST conceived in 1993 by TI engineers Ted Mahler and Steve Marum in Sherman, TX. The first competition was held in the fall of 1993 with 14 teams from San Antonio and Sherman. West Texas BEST competition started in 1995. In the fall of 2013, 853 teams with 15,354 students participated in BEST. BEST is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with thousands of volunteers serving in 18 states and 47 hubs.

As a result of participating in BEST, students understand the everyday use of mathematical concepts and applied physics. They understand what engineers do - engineering is "demystified". Students become technically literate and are better prepared for tomorrow's workforce. They get to experience real-world engineering challenges, training that is transferable to all engineering disciplines and career pursuits. Students also develop skills in abstract thought, self-directed learning, teamwork, project management, decision-making, problem-solving and leadership.

Core Objectives

  • Provide real-world engineering experience that incorporates the practical application of math and science
  • Prepare to be technologically literate – better prepared to enter the workforce
  • Help develop leadership, project management, teamwork and organizational skills
  • Develop confidence and competence through self-directed learning, decision-making, abstract thinking, and problem-solving

BEST Fundamentals

Fall competition starts in September and concludes six weeks later in October. Teams that win at the local level advance to one of three championships.

  • Students perform all of the work...with exceptions!
  • Mentors – local volunteers – guide the students through the six-week design & construction phase. The mentors are the critical element of a team's success!
  • There is no cost or fee for schools. Sponsors provide funding for equipment ("Returnables Kit") and raw materials ("Consumables Kit") ~ $1000/participating school.
  • Any school may participate regardless of type, size, location, or socioeconomic status

BEST Principles

  • Students in middle and high school are the primary participants & benefactors.
  • BEST is an equal opportunity program.
  • Any school can participate.
  • Students participate at no cost.
  • The BEST process makes learning FUN!

Important Dates For The 2021 Season


Registration for the West Texas BEST Hub closes on August 28th by midnight.


Kickoff will take place in Lubbock on September 11th 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Monterey High School, 3211 47th St.

Practice Day:

Practice day will take place in Lubbock on September 23rd 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Monterey High School, 3211 47th St.

Game Day:

Game day will take place in Lubbock on November 6th 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Monterey High School, 3211 47th St.


West Texas BEST Sponsors


West Texas BEST Volunteers