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Day-long LEGO® robotics field trips are offered to students in elementary and middle school to expose them to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) through the exciting multidisciplinary application of robotics. During the field trip, students design robots using the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robotics kits, learn how to program the robot's motors to move in a predefined way, experience how robots experience their environment through the use of sensors and use the sensor inputs to determine the robot's behavior. They will also apply their math skills and will gain important 21st-century skills, including problem-solving, team work, time and project management, and communication skills. Field trips are instructed by TTU engineering students.

Depending on the students' age and prior background in robotics, the following field trip options are offered:

  • Introduction to robotics: students build a LEGO® EV3 robot according to building instructions while working in teams and applying their spatial thinking skills. Upon completion, they will learn to basic steps to program the robot, starting with motion and, if time permits, adding sound. No prior knowledge in robotics is required.
  • Sensors and senses: students learn how the robot experiences its environment through the use of sensors (touch, light, ultrasonic) while relating them to human senses. Activities during this field trip include: programming the robot as a burglary alarm system, having the following a line, teaching the robot to operate through an obstacle course. Students are expected to have prior robotics knowledge and should be familiar with the EV3 Programming Software.
  • Algebra Bootcamp: students experience real world applications of linear algebra. They will setup experiments, take measurements, and solve systems of linear equations to predict the position of a robot at a given point in time. This field trip is geared towards middle school students taking Algebra 1 in 8th grade. No prior robotics knowledge is required.

Time and Duration:

Field trips are offered by appointment only and outside of the TTU fall and spring semesters and are contingent on instructors' availability. Available dates are displayed on the sign-up form. Field trips typically start at 9 am and end at 3 pm with a 1h lunch break. Times are flexible to accommodate your schedule.


The maximum class size is 45 students from grades 3-8. Preferably students are from the same grade level. Students need to be accompanied by 1-2 teachers, who are expected to participate in the field trip and guide students to accomplish the tasks. Due to classroom size restrictions, only a very limited number of parents can attend. The morning and afternoon session are separated by a 1h lunch break. Participants are responsible for their own lunch (bring lunch bags, order pizza, eat at the Student Union or a neighboring restaurant). Participants are also responsible to organize their own transportation.

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