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The Outreach Raiders are WCOE undergraduate engineering students that have received specialized training on how to interact with the public and deliver developmentally appropriate STEM/STEAM activities for participants of all ages.

Meet the 2017-2018 Whitacre College of Engineering Outreach Raiders

Luigi Bonet

Luigi BonetSenior, Industrial

Debanjolee Das

Debanjolee DasJunior, Chemical

Daniela Kenmoe

Daniela KenmoeSenior, Petroleum

Malfred Koryor

Malfred KoryorJunior, Industrial

Brayden Nelson

Brayden NelsonSenior, Mechanical

Josh Nixon

Josh NixonJunior, Chemical

Oyindamola Oduba

Oyindamola ObudaJunior, Mechanical

Question: Why did you choose Mechanical Engineering?

My love for science and math steered me towards a career in engineering. I enjoy tackling challenges and solving problems. I believe that a mechanical engineering career will provide an opportunity for me to be creative, solve problems, and develop innovative technology to improve lives.

Ceren Ocak

Ceren OcakSenior, Construction

James Paule

Ceren OcakJunior, Computer

Sara Tutt

Ceren OcakSophomore, Chemical