Texas Tech University

Student Organization Purchasing and Travel FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I go for assistance making a purchase for my organization?

The Engineering Opportunities Center (EOC) located in Engineering Center 102 or email Jamie Perez – jamie.l.perez@ttu.edu.

Q. How far in advance do I need to make the request?

The amount of time varies depending on the purchase.

  • Food LESS than $1,000: A PCard can be checked out from the EOC to purchase food. This requires 24 hours of advanced notice.
  • Food MORE than $1,000: Will require a purchase order. Purchase orders require a minimum of 2 weeks of advance notice.
  • Supplies: Minimum 1 week of advanced notice.
  • Membership Dues: Minimum 2 weeks of advanced notice.
  • T-Shirts: Minimum 4 weeks of advanced notice.
  • Travel: Minimum 3 weeks before travel date.

Q. What is the process to order T-shirts?

It is a multi-step process.

  1. Contact three vendors for quotes on your order. Two of these must be registered HUB (Highly Underutilized Businesses) vendors. A directory of registered HUB vendors can be found here.
  2. Select the vendor of your choice. Request an official estimate. Please note: you cannot officially place the order until payment has been approved. EOC will NOT process after-the-fact orders.
  3. Submit quotes, official estimate, and artwork to Jamie Perez at jamie.l.perez@ttu.edu at least 4 weeks in advance to allow time for payment processing and printing time for the establishment of your choice.

Q. Is my organization tax exempt?

Your organization is NOT covered under Texas Tech University's tax exempt status. Your organization must have tax exempt status on its own.

Q. Which type of food form do I need to submit?

This is dependent on two factors:

  1. If you are purchasing food for members of your organization with NO outside industry guest/representative, then an exception form needs to be submitted. This requires approval from the Dean's and Provost's Offices. This must be submitted at least one week prior to order. Turn in form to EOC with advisor's signature and EOC will obtain other required signatures.
  2. If you do have industry representatives not employed by Texas Tech, a regular food form is required.
    *Your food form must be signed by your advisor and turned in when your receipts are submitted at maximum 24 hours after check-out. Longer periods must be arranged in advance with the EOC.