Texas Tech University

Student Engineering Council


About the Council

The Student Engineering Council (SEC) consists of student organization representatives that work together to help promote the mission and goals of the college.

  1. Organize collaborative college-wide events such as outreach, community service and recruiting to enhance the mission and goals of the Whitacre College of Engineering.
  2. Provide feedback to the dean of the Whitacre College of Engineering on the progress of the college from the student experience.
  3. Provide feedback to industry representatives from the student perspective.

Meeting and Contact Information

Meetings are typically held the last Friday of each month during the Fall and Spring terms. Dates may be changed due to special sessions or to accommodate the Dean's or guest speaker's schedules. For more information or to bring up an agenda item to be addressed in the meeting, please reach out to Madison Hensley at madison.hensley@ttu.edu.