Texas Tech University

Journey of Success: Dr. Sajjad Esmaeilpour's Path from Texas Tech to Academia and Sustainable Engineering

Lacy Oliver

December 13, 2023


Dr. Sajjad Esmaeilpour, a Texas Tech graduate from the Petroleum Engineering program, now an instructor at New Mexico Tech University, reflects on his academic journey and transition into academia.

Sajjad Esmaeilpour completed his Ph.D. from the Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering in Spring 2022. He now serves as an instructor at New Mexico Tech University in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department. His tenure at Texas Tech University provided a robust foundation in petroleum engineering fundamentals through rigorous coursework and research opportunities, cultivating critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Dr. Ispas, his advisor, significantly contributed to his confidence by involving him in teaching roles, preparing him for an academic career.

As a faculty member, Esmaeilpour's focus remains on research and teaching. His interests span developing sustainable methods for fossil fuel extraction, exploring renewable energy technologies, and alternative fuels. Passionate about addressing societal and environmental challenges, he appreciates the real-world impact of petroleum engineering, especially in light of the industry's growing emphasis on sustainability. His dedication to advancing greener solutions aligns with the sector's evolving needs.

Esmaeilpour aspires to mentor future petroleum engineers. His advice for students includes leveraging all available opportunities at Texas Tech, engaging in coursework, research, and active involvement in professional clubs and events to broaden knowledge and stay updated with industry advancements. Building a robust network with peers and faculty, he believes, is pivotal for career prospects and industry insights. Encouraging proactive innovation, he emphasizes the significance of combining academic excellence with practical experience for future success.

Reflecting on his time at Texas Tech, Sajjad expresses immense pride in being an alum and highlights the university's significant role in shaping his life. He and his wife cherish their memories at TTU, considering it a special place that holds a profound connection in their hearts, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.