Texas Tech University

General Graduate FAQ

How do I register for courses?

Most distance courses are set with an enrollment limit of zero. That means you need a permit from the Director of Graduate Studies in Technical Communication to register. Please email the director to request the permit: english.tc@ttu.edu.She will probably complete the registration for you.

To register for courses, students must be either admitted to the MATC or PhD degree programs or be approved for distance graduate courses in technical communication with "GTMP" (Graduate Temporary) status.

How do I drop a class?

If you are enrolled for two or more classes and wish to drop one, you can go to your account at TechSIS and drop the class or email the director of graduate studies to request the drop.

If you are enrolled for only one class and wish to drop it, you are withdrawing from the university and must complete that process yourself.

Go to the registrar's website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/registrar/

Under the "quick links" section (Forms), choose "withdrawal forms." That will take you to a form and directions.

Office of the Registrar:

Campus location : 100 West Hall
Mailing address : Lubbock TX 79409-5015
Phone : (806)742-3661
Fax : (806)742-0355
Webpage : http://www.depts.ttu.edu/registrar/
E-mail : registrar@ttu.edu

If you wish to re-enroll in a subsequent semester, you will also need to complete the application for returning students at the Graduate School. You will not have to pay a new application fee or submit any other materials. You will just be declaring your intention to continue your studies.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw?

Refunds are pro-rated according to the date of withdrawal. After week 4, there is no refund.

How do I get a PIN for online registration?

For student record security, Your PIN will only be released in person, email, mail, or by fax.

Get your PIN this way:

  • In person - Bring your Texas Tech Student ID card to 100 West Hall.
  • By e-mail, fax, or mail

Go to the registrar's website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/registrar/
Select the "quick link" to "How to Obtain PIN Number." That will take you to a form and directions.

Office of the Registrar
Attn: Kim Blaylock
P O Box 45015
Lubbock, TX 79409-5015
Office 806 742 3661
Fax 806 742 4765
E-mail Address: k.blaylock@ttu.edu

(The student's legal signature must be included in all requests)

What constitutes "part-time enrollment" for purposes of deferring student loans?

To defer previous student loans, you must be enrolled for at least 6 graduate hours.

How do I get books and course readings?

Most students order their books from an online bookseller, such as Amazon.com, Borders.com, or Barnes and Noble (BN.com), or from a local bookstore. Your instructor will check availability, but please order in time to get the books before the semester begins or to look for an alternate source if one supplier does not have copies.

Other readings, such as pdfs ofarticles, should available from the Library's Electronic Reserves site.

As a distance student, you are entitled to request other readings through Interlibrary Loan. There will be small page and mailing charge for this service.

How do I get a student ID card?

Distance students do not normally need an ID card, and the fee for the card is waived. However, the card may entitle you to academic discounts on software required for courses and may have other purposes.

If you wish to obtain an ID card, please consult the University ID website for general information about your ID card: http://inferno.hospsrvc.ttu.edu/unvid/

Can I get financial aid for distance classes?

Students who are enrolled for at least 6 hours (2 courses) in a semester may be entitled to a grant or loan through the Department of Financial Aid.

You may apply through the website: http://www.fina.ttu.edu

For more information: Email: finaid.advisor@ttu.edu

How do I pay my tuition and fees?

Please visit www.sbs.ttu.edu for information.

By phone: please call Student Business Services at (806) 742-3272 or toll free at (866) 774-9477. The phone lines become increasingly congested as the semester nears, so it's best to do this as soon as you are enrolled in the course.

On the web: http://techsis.admin.ttu.edu/student/ You will need a PIN as well as your student ID #.

By mail: P. O. Box 41099, Lubbock, Texas 79409
If you enroll in a course early enough (about 6 weeks before the semester begins), Student Business Services will probably mail you a statement showing your tuition and fees. (Be sure to keep your address current with the university. Send a signed change of address to the Graduate School and Registrar if you move.)

Student Business Services will establish a due date for tuition payment that is before the semester begins. There's a late payment fee if you haven't paid by that time.

How can my company pay my tuition and fees by a voucher?

Send (or have your company send) the voucher form to

Student Business Services
MS 41099
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-1099
(806)742-0445 FAX

Student Business Services will mail a bill to your company on the 12th class day (that's 12 week days after the semester begins), and your company will probably pay by credit card.

Why is out-of-state tuition higher than in-state tuition?

The tuition is higher for out-of-state students because the state subsidizes the cost for residents. That's true at all state-supported universities, in Texas and elsewhere.

Some universities charge the same rate for in-state and out-of-state distance students because teachers teach the courses as overload. At Texas Tech, we teach the online courses on the same terms as we teach the resident courses--as part of our regular work load. We chose this method for two reasons: to give online teachers incentive to spend as much time and energy with their online as with their resident courses; to encourage teachers to continue to do the research and publication that keeps a program strong. Our goal is quality of the courses and program. We make choices to achieve that goal.

For more information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Technical Communication.

What are the general support services for distance students?

There is a wealth of information about university services for online students at the College of Outreach and Distance Education website.