Texas Tech University

Next Steps: After You're Admitted

Congratulations on being admitted to one of our graduate programs. At this point, advising and course registration procedures are identical for all new students.

The graduate school will send you a letter telling you you've been accepted. If they still lack official transcripts or GRE scores or anything else, they'll remind you at this point.

In order to enroll in courses, you need a permit, which means you need to be advised in the weeks leading up to each semester's registration period. For your first time, we will discuss your first course with you as soon as you're admitted.

Once you've got your permit, you need to get into Raiderlink. actually register for the course, and pay your tuition and fees.

Yes, permits are not the same thing as registrations. You can have permits to take two classes, but you may ultimately decide you only want to take one. You'd register for the one and just let the permit expire. If you have any difficulty, don't let the situation fester, but drop the director of graduate studies an e-mail or a phone call asking for help.

In order to navigate all the things you can do in TechSIS, you need to activate your account with a PIN, which you should receive from graduate admissions upon your admission to the program. If you don't get one, or you need one, go to the registrar's website (http://www.depts.ttu.edu/registrar/), download the PIN request form, and return to the Registrar.

You will also need to activate your ERaider account, which is a universal username you can use for all Texas Tech access (to the library, email forwarding, web pages, etc.) -- to do so, go to http://eraider.ttu.edu. The program requires that you have an ERaider account and that you activate your Texas Tech e-mail account.