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Benefits Orientation


Beginning November 1, 2015, the New Employee Orientation format is changing and will no longer include the Benefits Orientation module. This decision was made based on feedback from prior participants which communicated two major themes: First, many of our employees indicated they would like to have more time during the benefits orientation to address their specific questions; second, a large number of participants indicated that while they find New Employee Orientation informative and helpful, it is a very long day.

With the new format, a separate benefits-only orientation will be offered at least twice a month, some months more. This process is already in place for new employees hired mid-month to ensure they are enrolled in benefits within their first 30 days of hire, so some departments will not notice the change. The new format allows for smaller groups with more personalized attention for this complex topic. Additionally, computer access will be available for those employees who are ready to enroll. Both of these conveniences will alleviate the need for new employees to find time to visit Human Resources for additional assistance after attending the traditional New Employee Orientation.

The traditional New Employee Orientation will still be held on the second Tuesday of every month. By removing the benefits module, the length will be reduced allowing attendees to return to their workplace for a few hours before the end of the day. All other content will remain the same and will continue to inform our new employees about the university's strategic goals, mission, and values. New employees are also given payroll knowledge, information technology resources, and risk management information. Additionally, new employees are made aware of the many campus resources available to them, and they are provided with the history and traditions of the university. Finally, this orientation provides the opportunity for new employees to complete several compliance-related training requirements.

New Employee Orientation and Benefits Orientation are both available for registration in Cornerstone.

Upcoming Benefits Orientation classes are listed on the Human Resources Training Events Calendar.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Human Resources at hrs.employee.services@ttu.edu or 806-742-3851.

Benefits Orientation


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