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Research in Early Developmental Studies (RED) Lab

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Our team takes pride in fostering students with high aspirations of contributing to science, eager to engage in projects specifically targeting improvements in assessment and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Under the leadership of faculty members and graduate students, undergraduate team members have a unique opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, establish a foundation in subject concentrations, engage with innovative technology, assist in data collection, hone presentation skills, mature in academic writing skills, and interpret research literature.

"It's a thrilling experience to work on projects that have the potential of advancing the state-of-the-art, but it's even more fulfilling to think that those projects have the potential of creating a positive impact in the lives of individuals." – Vijayanta Jain

"Working in the RED lab has been an informative and fulfilling experience, allowing me to work with many accomplished individuals. My experience in this lab is one that I could not have attained anywhere else, and being under the great leadership of Dr. Mastergeorge and her graduate students has provided me with every tool I need to be successful and grow as a researcher." – Alex Abide

"The RED lab is a place that will allow me to not only grow as a student but also examine real-world issues through the eyes of a researcher." – Jiyeon Kim

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