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06.27.22: The SIBS Lab was grateful to greet the pilot participants for the Texas Sibling Study—Dr. Rogers' niece and nephew! These kiddos were absolute rockstars. They helped our research team practice and prepare to work with families for our study. Thank you so much, we hope to have you back soon!


06.01.22: Meet the newest SIBS Lab family members! We are so lucky to have these folks in our crew Top row: Tina Greene, Tristan Herring, Tristan Dees, Annabelle Hays, Derek Morgan, and Connað Higgins Bottom row: Megan Keen, Bailey Faerber, Dr. Christy Rogers, Ashlinn Peters, and Laney Graham


05.30.22: Dr. Christy Rogers, Dr. Paul Ingram, and Derek Morgan traveling from Chicago after a productive Association for Psychological Science Convention!


05.29.22: Drs. Paul Ingram, Christy Rogers, Lisa Limeri, and Devin Mills represent four Texas Tech departments at the Association for Psychological Science in Chicago!


03.31.22: Dr. Rogers' niece and nephew visited the Texas Tech campus to sit in on her class, “Siblings,” as part of her course on Development during Adolescence. It was the best day of Dr. Rogers' teaching for spring semester!


03.25.22: Dr. Rogers' father visited the Texas Tech campus and the SIBS Lab! Do you see a family resemblance? 


1.13.22: First SIBS Lab meeting of the semester! And a big welcome to Laney, our newest undergraduate RA, to the lab 


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