Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) with a major in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management

Program Details


The RHIM BAAS will serve individuals who received an AAS degree in Culinary Sciences or Hospitality Management from a community college. The program of work includes up to 33 hours of culinary or hospitality credits earned at the community college from which they received their AAS degree. In addition, required Texas Tech University and College of Human Sciences core, and 40 credits of RHIM program core courses and electives are required, giving students a well-rounded hospitality business education. Students will also document 800 hours of hospitality work experience before earning their BAAS degree.

Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management (RHIM) at Texas Tech University is one of the top programs in the nation. The program is designed for students to gain extensive management skills and practical work experience. Labs in hotel operations, food production and computers, among others, give students hands-on training that increases their marketability in the industry. The nature of the hospitality business allows the student a great deal of individual and group social interaction. This camaraderie prepares the student in areas of interpersonal communication and networking which facilitates future employment opportunities.

Degree Requirements

Acceptance into this program requires transferring to Texas Tech a completed AAS degree.

Category Semester Credit Hours Clock Hours
General Education Core Curriculum 42 -
Lab Science requirement 2 -
Multicultural course requirement 3 -
Required Courses 37 -
Prescribed Electives 3 -
Free Electives 33* -
Paid Work Experience - 1200
TOTAL 120**  

*The 33 hours of free electives will be transferred from the AAS hospitality or culinary coursework.
**Forty hours must be from 3xxx or 4xxx level coursework and 60 hours must be completed at Texas Tech.