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Past News & Announcements 

  •  Caitlyn Mullins has successfully defended her doctoral thesis on “BT2 as a novel therapeutic compound for Alzheimer's disease”. Congratulations!!
  • Our Alyssa Kramer has been accepted to the Medical School at Baylor University. Congratulations!
  • Harsh Shah is the first author of a review article now published in Antioxidants, “Revisiting the role of vitamins and minerals in Alzheimer's disease”. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Andrew Shin received Apple Polishing Award from Texas Tech Mortar Board for excellence in mentoring.
  • Caitlyn Mullins presented her work on “A BCAA-lowering agent BT2 alleviates Alzheimer's disease-related pathology and delays cognitive decline in 5xFAD mouse model” at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Conference, November 2022.
  • Caitlyn Mullins & Ritchel Gannaban, two doctoral students in the lab, have been awarded with Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science Abstract Recognition Award which recognizes the highest quality research presented by students and young investigators at the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) conference, 2022. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Andrew Shin is appointed as an Associate Editor of Frontiers in Nutrition & Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Dr. Andrew Shin is nominated for TTU Alumni Association New Faculty Award.
  • Alyssa Kramer, a senior undergraduate student in the lab, received an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award for her poster presentation, “FGF21 mediates restored BCAA metabolism following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB) surgery in mice” at TTU Undergraduate Research Conference in March 2022. Congratulations!
  • Alyssa Kramer is the recipient of Sarah Kulkofsky Scholarship for her outstanding research. Congratulations!
  • Caitlyn Mullins is the recipient of Trainee Professional Development Award (TPDA) from the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) conference that was held on November 8-12, 2021. Congratulations!
  • Caitlyn Mullins presented her work on “A BCAA-lowering compound reverses metabolic dysregulation and enhances cortical insulin signaling in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease” at the SFN meeting, November 2021.
  • Md Abu Bakkar Siddik presented his work on “BCAA restriction improves cognition and systemic metabolism in APP/PS1 mouse model for AD” at the SFN meeting, November 2021.
  • Zobayda Farzana Haque joined our N2 laboratory as a Nutritional Sciences doctoral student. Welcome!
  • Zobayda Farzana Haque is the recipient of SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program award. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Shin's research is featured on the Diabetes Action Foundation research page for his current study aiming to identify and test the role of specific neuronal populations within the MBH for BCAA regulation. https://diabetesaction.org/current-research
  • Ritchel B. Gannaban is the first author of our research findings now published in Diabetes, "Central regulation of branched-chain amino acids is mediated by AgRP neurons". Congratulations!
  • Dr. Ganga Baskar, a previous postdoctoral fellow in the lab, is appointed as the Commercialization Program Director in the Innovation Hub at TTU. Congratulations!
  • Harsh Shah was highlighted in the COHS News (9/4/20): https://www.depts.ttu.edu/hs/news/posts/2020/student/ns-graduate-student-testimonial-research-opportunities-harsh-shah.php
  • Ritchel B. Gannaban was selected as a Helen Hodges Scholar from Helen Hodges Educational Charitable Trust. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Andrew Shin secured a grant from the Diabetes Action Foundation, "Understanding BCAA regulation – a step toward deciphering diabetes".
  • Caitlyn Mullins is the first author of our review paper in Antioxidants, "Neural Underpinnings of Obesity: The Role of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in the Brain". Congratulations!
  • Dr. Andrew Shin secured an NIA R21 grant from the NIH, "BCAAs as a novel biomarker and treatment for Alzheimer's disease".
  • Our paper "Metformin effectively restores the HPA axis function in diet-induced obese rats" was accepted by the International Journal of Obesity – Nature.
  • Ritchel B. Gannaban joined the lab as a new Ph.D. student with a Distinguished Graduate Student Assistantship. Congratulations and welcome!
  • Our paper "Personalized nutrition for management in micronutrient deficiency – literature review in non-bariatric populations and possible utility in bariatric cohort" was published in Obesity Surgery.
  • Marie Mattern was selected to give an oral presentation on "Dissecting mechanisms of improved BCAA metabolism following RYGB surgery in diet-induced obese mice" at the ObesityWeek Conference in November 2020. Congratulations!

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