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  • Four new tenure-track positions are opening in the TTU Mathematics & Statistics Department 
  • Dr. Angela Peace was awarded an NSF Grant worth $80,000 that pertains to bettering our understanding of malaria transmission, entitled Collaborative Research: Linking Pharmacokinetics to Epidemiological Models of Vector-Borne Diseases and Drug Resistance Prevention. A collective award across 5 universities, the total grant is worth $550,000. Congratulations, Dr. Peace!
  • Directors Raegan Higgins and Ami Radunskaya held the EDGE 2018 conference this past June here at TTU. The Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education Program seeks to improve the persistence of women and minority graduate students, and contribute to the development of a diverse mathematical community. TTU Professors Howle and Peace and grad student Dilini Fonseka facilitated and mentored the Conference and attendees
  • Professor Giorgio Bornia has received the President's Excellence in Teaching Award for 2018. He joins past recipients Dr.'s Aulisa, Christensen, Monico, Toda, Trindade and Williams from our Department. Congratulations Dr. Bornia!
  • Professor Alex Solynin has received the Texas Tech Parent's Association Barnie E. Rushing, Jr. Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award. This award has traditionally been used as the pool for Horn Professor selection at TTU. Congratulations Dr. Solynin!
  • Graduate Student Pushpi Paranamana received the Summer Dissertation Award at TTU.  Dr. Paranamana accepted a postdoctoral associate position at Rutgers University starting Fall 2018.
  • Purna Gamage has accepted a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Wake Forest. Congratulations to Purna and her advisor Dr. Souparno Ghosh!
  • Brittany Alexander, a Math major who graduated this Spring, earned Honorable Mention as an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher by CALUE
  • Dr. Sara Calandrini received the Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2018 from the TTU Graduate School.  She and husband Giacomo Capodaglio, both under advisor Eugenio Aulisa, accepted postdoctoral positions at Florida State University in Computational Mathematics this Fall
  • TTU Math Grad student Farzana Nasrin accepted a postdoctoral position at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville commencing Fall 2018. Her remarkable paper Smoothing Splines on Unit Ball Domains with Application to Corneal Topography (RV Iyer, F Nasrin, E See, S Mathews) will soon be featured at a top medical conference.

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