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Welcome to The Math Club at Texas Tech University!  Any student with an interest in mathematics is free to join our general meetings at any point in the semester.  General meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm.  The Math Club also hosts a variety of interdisciplinary research seminars and professional development sessions throughout the semester.  For more information, please join our TechConnect!

Banner Design Contest Sign-Up Form

The Math Club at TTU in sponsorship with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is hosting a design contest for the banner displayed in the Main Office of the MATH building on the TTU Lubbock Campus. If you are interested in participating in this contest with the possibility of winning up to $400, please use the Google Form to sign-up and to determine eligibility!  Contest runs to April 5, 2023.

Google Form entry


Prrishti Gukhool


Email: Prrishti.Gukhool@ttu.edu Prrishti

Major: Mathematics

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Mauritius Island

Bio: My goal is to become a Physician Assistant and specialize in surgery.

Ethan Cruz

Vice President

Email: ethcruz@ttu.edu Cruz

Major: Mathematics

Classification: Senior

Hometown: San Antonio

My goal is to figure out what exactly I want to do with my degree.

Jorge Nava


Email: jnavaagu@ttu.eduJorge

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Houston, TX

I aspire to work in the renewable energy sector.

Robert Sherrick


Email: Robert.Sherrick@ttu.eduRobert

Major: Computer Engineering

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Corona, CA

  I am a computer engineering major and want to work as an applications engineer.


Nicholas Clark

Senior Advisor nc

Email: nicholas.e.clark@ttu.edu 

MCOM 1208

Research video

Dr. Giorgio Bornia

Faculty Advisor gb

Email: giorgio.bornia@ttu.edu 

MA 225



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