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Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics which consists of 120 hours. The curriculum established for this degree is designed to provide the foundation for a liberal education through a well-rounded study of the humanities and fine arts, the physical, biological, and social sciences, and mathematics. It also provides the factual basis and the insights requisite for specialized study and professional work in these fields.

Students must take the specified number of hours in these areas. Courses from the major and minor may be used to satisfy these requirements, but courses used to fulfill specific requirements may not be used to satisfy the distribution requirement.

  1. English - 12 hours
  2. Oral Communication - 3 hours
  3. Foreign Language - 6-11 hours
  4. Natural Science - 8-11 hours
  5. Individual or Group Behavior - 6 hours
  6. American History - 6 hours
  7. Political Science - 6 hours
  8. Humanities - 6 hours
  9. Visual and Performing Arts - 6 hours
  10. Personal Fitness and Wellness -  2 hours
  11. Multicultural Requirement - 3 hours

Bachelor of Arts Courses Outline is available here

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