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Dr. Leif Ellingson is the Principle Investigator, and Dr. Linda Allen the co-PI for the continuance of an NSF Grant worth over $102,000, REU Site: Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Methods in the Life Sciences


TTU President and Math Professor Dr. Lawrence Schovanec and Dr. Raegan Higgins, and others, received notification of continuance on their NSF grant worth over $2 million for the project Louis Stokes New STEM Pathways Implementation-Only Alliance: The Bridges Across Texas Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation
Dr. Amanda Laubmeier won an NSF grant worth almost $193,000 for the project LEAPS-MPS: Predator Competition in Systems with Seasonal Birth.
Dr. Dimitri Volchenkov working via the Institute for Materials, Manufacturing, and Sustainment has obtained a contract with AVX Aircraft worth over $308,000
An NSF grant of over $237,000 for project Adaptive High Order Low-Rank Tensor Methods for High-Dimensional Partial Differential Equations with Application to Kinetic Simulations has been awarded to Assistant Professor Wei Guo.


Dr. Hung Tran won an NSF grant worth almost $212,000 for the project Geometry of Surfaces and Four-Dimensional Manifolds.


Dr. Bhagya Athukorallage, known as "Dr. B" by his admiring students, has received the Diamond Award for teaching innovation. Congratulations!


Atul Dixit, Assistant Professor at IIT Gandhinagar, has been awarded the 2021 Gabor Szego prize from SIAM for his “impressive scientific work solving problems related to number theory using special functions, in particular related to the work of Ramanujan.” Dixit, while obtaining his Master of Science Degree in Mathematics from Texas Tech University in 2006, composed the Master's thesis Ramanujan's Identities and Monotonicity Properties of Quotients of Theta Functions, jointly supervised by Dr. Solynin and retired TTU Math Professor Barnard. Dixit and Solynin continued their collaborations in the joint paper “Monotonicity of quotients of theta functions related to an extremal problem on harmonic measure” published in J. Math. Anal. Appl. 336 (2007), no. 2.



The TTU Board of Regents has granted tenure to Dr. Angela Peace effective immediately, becoming an Associate Professor this Fall.

The Provost's Office has also announced that Angela Peace is a recipient of the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2021.

The Department celebrates such felicitous news!
Congratulations to Dr. Fangyuan Zhang for being granted tenure effective immediately and promoted to Associate Professor this coming Fall!  The decision from the TTU Board of Regents is welcome news for the Department.


The Association for Women in Mathematics has presented Dr. Raegan Higgins with the 2021 Gweneth Humphreys Award.  This Award recognizes outstanding mentorship of math teachers who have encouraged female undergrad and graduate students to pursue mathematical careers and advanced mathematics study.

Professor Higgins has also been appointed an Office of the Provost Faculty Fellow, and asked by President Schovanec to work in the Faculty Success Initiative, establishing new strategies for faculty recruitment, retention, and success, with a focus on diversity and inclusion of the under-represented.
Dr. Katharine Long whose research grant Infrared-based Technology for Estimating Core Body Temperature from the Sclera Region at the Back of the Eyes has been funded for the Spring and Summer 2021 for $72,577 by XTemp.  Additional funding is anticipated in this innovative endeavor.
The Department welcomes Ozkan Ozturk as a new PostDoc this Spring.  Good to have him on board.
Through the efforts of Dr.'s Lindquist and Rachev, the Department is now offering a new Ph.D. track, Mathematical Finance.  The Dean has approved this new program for Mathematics & Statistics.




Professor Raegan Higgins has been named a 2020 Integrated Scholar by the Office of the Provost.  Integrated Scholars are not only outstanding in teaching, research and service, but they are also able to generate synergy among the three functions.  Faculty members who are Integrated Scholars consistently promote active learning and infuse the results of their research and scholarship in courses and other learning experiences.  Integrated Scholars publish results of their teaching innovations in peer-reviewed journals.  Finally, Integrated Scholar faculty members plan and execute service commitments to complement their teaching and research goals.


Erdi Kara (advised by Dr. Eugenio Aulisa) received a very competitive travel grant from the American Physical Society (APS) Biophysics Division to attend the APS March meeting and present "Computationally tractable mechanistic model of inhomogeneous -- anisotropic drug diffusion and tumor ablation" based on the following submitted manuscript.

A reporter from APS and contributor to the Washington Post also interviewed one of the co-authors on the topic of mechanistic modeling of cancer biophysics, during which the aforementioned paper, where Erdi is the first author, was discussed during a large portion of the interview. The interview will be formatted into a press release by the APS for the March meeting, after which it may potentially be covered by other news outlets such as the Washington Post.



Congratulations to Claudia Muñoz for receiving the 2019 Trjitzinsky Award, a prestigious AMS scholarship: it is a great honor for her, for the Mathematics & Statistics department, and for TTU in general!
Many thanks go to the AMS leadership, as well as our Undergrad Associate Chair Brock Williams for his help in our nomination.

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Congratulations to TTU Math Post-Doc Joshua Padgett, who, as co-Principal Investigator along with Evdokiya Kostadinova from Baylor, has been awarded an NSF Grant for the project Onset Turbulence in Dusty Plasma Liquids. Job well done!
The Simons Foundation has awarded TTU Math Professor and Chair Dr. Magdalena Toda a $42,000 grant to be paid over 5 years for her project Applications of Willmore Energy Functionals to Protein Biology. Congratulations Dr. Toda!
The Department welcomes new tenure track Assistant Professors Tao Lu (Statistics, University of Rochester, Ph.D), Kazuo Yamazaki (Applied, PDEs & Stochastic, Ph.D. Oklahoma State 2014), Hung Tran (Geometric Analysis & PDEs, Ph.D. Cornell 2014), and Stamatis Pouliasis (Potential Theory & Complex Analysis, Ph.D. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 2011) in the Fall of 2019.
Biomathematician Toufik Khyat (Ph.D. Rhode Island 2017) and Geometrist Daniel Grady (Ph.D. Pittsburgh 2015) join TTU Mathematics and Statistics this Fall in PostDoc capacities. Welcome!


Utilizing the novel concept of coupling finite element methods and material point methods in fluid-structure interaction problems, Professor Aulisa of TTU Math has been awarded a $250,000 NSF grant. Dr. Aulisa intends to develop computational techniques with a broad spectrum of applications -- cardiovascular valve fluid flow, civil engineering dam breakage, and aerospace airfoil design, amongst others. Congratulations Dr. Aulisa!


Math Professors Brock Williams and Raegan Higgins, along with PI and Education Professor Jerry Dwyer and TTU's Michael Galyean and Jill White, have been awarded an NSF STEM grant worth over $1.1 million! This is a supplemental grant to the existing Noyce Scholarship program to foster high-quality STEM teacher recruitment. Congratulations to Drs. Williams and Higgins!
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Professor Lars Christensen has received the 2019 Professing Excellence Award. This honor, nominated by students and was bestowed on March 27th. Congratulations Dr. Christensen!
Dr. Brock Williams received the College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Innovation Award. Besides the prestige that comes from winning the competitive award established by Dean Lindquist, a monetary prize accompanies the accolade. Congratulations Dr. Williams!
New tenure-track Assistant Professor Dr. Chunmei Wang has received an NSF Grant totaling $400,000 distributed incrementally until 2023. Congratulations, Dr. Wang, and a prestigious beginning to your career here at Texas Tech!
Professor Lars Christensen has been named 2019 Outstanding Researcher from the College of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations Dr. Christensen!



The Scientific Computing meets Machine Learning and Life Sciences conference will be held October 7th-9th at the Texas Tech main campus in Lubbock. Special thanks to the National Science Foundation's grant and Horn Professor Linda Allen for their generous financial support


Dr. Angela Peace was awarded an NSF Grant worth $80,000 that pertains to bettering our understanding of malaria transmission, entitled Collaborative Research: Linking Pharmacokinetics to Epidemiological Models of Vector-Borne Diseases and Drug Resistance Prevention. A collective award across 5 universities, the total grant is worth $550,000. Congratulations, Dr. Peace!

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