Texas Tech University

iTTU Mentor

Ira Green

Functional Expertise

    • Product Development
    • Branding
    • Business Development

Industry Expertise

    • Finance
    • Senior Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, and raised in Seattle, Washington, Ira Green is the CEO and founder of Freedom Deodorant. She started in the finance industry with Merryl Lynch over 20 years ago, as a financial advisor with no college degree. Nobody thought she would make it, as she ended up opening up her own firm and owning it for over 12 years and successfully sold it in 2017. That’s when her three friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. Not liking what was on the market, Ira went to her kitchen and decided it was time to solve the problem. Freedom was born.

Fast forward five years and Freedom Deodorant is sold at the Four Seasons, Miraval, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, QVC, Whole Foods, and many others that she will tell you about in the end.

It comes as no surprise that Ira’s proudest accomplishment is raising her three daughters and launching a national brand out of her kitchen. “My daughters are my daily inspiration to be a better person, and also to shop more because they keep taking my clothes!”

Currently living in Las Vegas, Ira’s Seattle roots have bound her to the Seattle Seahawks NFL team. Her “crazy knowledge of football facts from 1985 to present” just go to show that when she sets her mind and heart to something, she is persistent to master the field.

She lives by one motto: “Jump off the cliff and build the airplane on the way down!”