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Spring 2018 Teams

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Team 1

Project Description: An online platform for speech-language services. Therapists will use our games, assessments, flashcards, and interactive whiteboards to teach students

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Team 2

Project Description: Developed a unique fluidic technology for biological assays in the model organism C. elegans. NemaLife is an all in one technology for culturing C. elegans and conducting assays

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Team 3

Project Description: NanoGrid in a Box: The system produces electrical power using fold-up solar panels. Battery storage and connectivity to additional NanoGrid's extends use time and power output

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Team 4

Project Description: Cementitious Composites Reinforced With Natural Fibers

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Team 5

Project Description: We leverage our complementary expertise in Psychology and Computer Science to develop cyber-security solutions

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Team 6

Project Description: Product will stabilize clay even in the presence of sulfate in the soil. It will improve the strength and reduce the shrink/swell behavior of such clays

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Team 7

Project Description: Disease Diagnostic Imaging, DDI, specializes in the development and implementation of low-cost, non-invasive mobile diagnostic interventions for public health-related skin diseases. We specialize in Buruli Ulcer, a Neglected Tropical Disease, and Neglected Infection of Poverty

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Team 8

Project Description: We offer a renewable distributed (small-scale) power generation technology

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Team 9

Project Description: C-Safe is a simple reminder system that prevents children from suffering vehicular heatstroke. The product consists of a weight-detecting pad that adheres to the hard plastic frame of a child seat; a smartphone app, which connects to the pad via Bluetooth; and a key fob failsafe

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Team 10

Project Description: The gyroscopic variable transmission (GVT) is an alternative transmission system to the conventional gear-driven system commonly found in the wind energy sector. The transmission system connects the slow-rotating ( 20-50 rpm) wind turbine shaft to the fast-rotating (1000 – 3000 rpm) generator shaft

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Team 11

Project Description: We offer a methodology to increase overall wind farm power production. Wake Control

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Team 12

Project Description: We are developing programmable materials with intrinsic kinetic properties, towards the future which will be alive by material

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Team 13

Project Description: ALIEN is a machine learning logistical management software system

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Team 14

Project Description: A new antibiotic specifically targeted against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

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Team 15

Project Description: Competency-focused approach ensures that the learners advance academically and are work-ready by the time they graduate

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Team 16

Project Description: Tyrosine phosphorylation regulates ERβ ubiquitination, protein turnover, and inhibition of breast cancer

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Team 17

Project Description: Computer Simulation of Organic and Biochemical Reactions

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Team 18

Project Description: Chemical Dynamics Simulations of Energy Transfer, Surface-Induced Dissociation, Soft-Landing, and Reactive-Landing in Collisions of Protonated Peptide Ions with Organic Surfaces

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Team 19

Project Description: Synthesizes biodegradable and biocompatible nanoparticles for targeted delivery of bioactive phytochemicals and other compounds to disease tissues or cells