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Fall 2017 Teams

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Team 1

Project description: Real-time diagnosis of various eye-related diseases using a smartphone

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Team 2

Project description: A design for a surface coating to wind turbine manufacturers and aquatic exploration vehicles to increase the efficiency of their systems and reduce unwanted acoustic noise generation

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Team 3

Project description: Developed a test system to evaluate high-power semiconductor devices and insulating materials

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Team 4

Project description: An oil-free, air compressor/pump for refrigeration

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Team 5

Project description: Vis-X Dual Spec – a field-portable sensor for physicochemical analysis of soil, water, and vegetation

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Team 6

Project description: kHz AC-Supercap that is 100-1000 times smaller in size with 100 times smaller resistance comparing to aluminum electrolytic capacitors (AEC) in market

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Team 7

Project description: A Photovoltaic monitoring and control system with data storage and analysis at a module level for all types of photovoltaic systems

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Team 8

Project description: College Streamline app aimed at students who wish to excel in college by saving time, money, and breaking social barriers.

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Team 9

Project description: Telepractice platform for speech-language pathology or educational services

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Team 10

Project description: A pioneer Inverter technology for power systems with high penetration of distributed renewable energy (solar, wind), electric vehicles and energy storage devices

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Team 11

Project description: Fabrics of Artificial Intelligence-informed Technology for Healing

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Team 12

Project description: We provide customers in the energy, agriculture, and transportation sectors with extremely detailed forecasts using an ensemble of high-resolution weather models. At this time, the industry uses 12 km spacing

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Team 13

Project description: Gyroscopic Variable Transmission (GVT) is a power transmission tool to connect the slow-rotating wind turbine shaft to the fast rotating generator shaft without going through the standard gearbox

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Team 14

Project description: A renewable energy source for advanced space power generation and management

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Team 15

Project description: An advanced engineering modeling consulting service