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Fall 2018 Teams

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Team 1

Project Description: A web-based application that provides evidence-based, structured, practical programming to help young female athletes prevent injury and enhance performance

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Team 2

Project Description: ProOmniFootball provides safe and practical training session and a platform to test strategies, save time. For Entertainment Centers: ProOmniFootball provides interactive gaming experience (Hyper Reality)

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Team 3

Project Description: Our product focused on helping obese people loss body weight

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Team 4

Project Description: Learning interfaces for analyzing chemical measurement data

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Team 5

Project Description: Development of textiles containing organo-selenium covalently bound to the fibers to block bacterial attachment

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Team 6

Project Description: Our product will help produce reliable, clean energy in the Florida Keys via a hydrokinetic turbine

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Team 7

Project Description: The proposed product uses cardiac motion as a new biometric authentication mechanism to secure system/facility access

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Team 8

Project Description: The research product for which we are exploring the market potential is a method that can significantly enhance the efficiency of a common groundwater remediation reagent

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Team 9

Project Description: Our team intends to develop a web based tool that can provide crash predictions tailored toward any roadway segment in the US

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Team 10

Project Description: Capacitive deionization (CDI) is a simple water desalination technique wherein water flows between a pair of charged electrodes, and positive and negative ions are removed and stored in EDL

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Team 11

Project Description: Lightning Import is an easy to use tool for eCommerce. With the help of our system you can import your products and keep them all up to date

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Team 12

Project Description: Software development mHealth Application

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Team 13

Project Description: Innovative Smart Band & Smart App

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Team 14

Project Description: We are a shared and on-demand economy in the food-experience industry

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Team 15

Project Description: Lots of biochemical analyses have to be in vitro, due impermeability of cell membrane. We are overcoming the barrier with nanoparticle-mediated biochemical agent delivery

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Team 16

Project Description: Hangio: A new way to hang your clothes. A new design for the hangar for the modern-day wardrobe