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There are many ways to fund a startup or growing business. If you are a Texas Tech University or Texas Tech University Health Science Center student, faculty, or staff the Innovation Hub provides you with a powerful tool, the PitchBook database, that provides meaningful data for every decision as you develop a strategy to find the money needed to build and scale your business. As a member of our Red Raider community you have free access to PitchBook. This financial and software company is a powerful tool, it tracks every aspect of the public and private equity markets, including venture capital, private equity and M&A. This intelligence is available at your fingertips to investigate how a startup/company like yours would fare in the market. This tool answers questions such as how much capital was raised, who provided the capital, and who are the company's competitors. If you are in position or soon will be in position to need funding this tool is priceless to the investigative process needed to be competitive to raise the money your startup needs.

Our PitchBook database uncovers actionable insights and trends hidden within the financial data of more than a million companies. The intuitive platform offers unprecedented access to the public and private markets, and they are committed to surfacing the intelligence held in the data you can use to drive success. PitchBook collects data through a five-step process: gather, organize, calculate, vet, communicate.

  • More than 650,000 web crawlers scan the internet—capturing relevant financial information from news articles, regulatory filings, websites, press releases and more.
  • Their natural language processing and machine learning technology organizes the data and filters out anything irrelevant.
  • Their specialized data teams collect, calculate and verify key figures to build in-depth datasets with information you can't find anywhere else.
  • Their quality assurance team uses preventative validations, corrective validations and manual reviews to relentlessly vet every piece of data.
  • Their primary research team communicates directly with people involved in deals to validate information and gather hard-to-find details.

To gain access to the software platform the process is simple.

  1. Access the Texas Tech University Pitchbook Portal here 
  2. Login using your school email address

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