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Spring 2017 Teams

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Team: 1

Project Description - Active shooter gun detection sensor

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Team 2

Project Description – Device and methodology to detect embryo quality

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Team 3

Project Description – Diagnostic tool for real-time internal body kinematics.

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Team 4

Project Description – Device and methodology to improve the viability of collected semen.

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Team 5

Project Description – Non-invasive device to improve the diagnosis and treatment of bruxism.

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Team 6

Project Description – Virtual reality platform to allow stroke survivors to better communicate with their health care providers using an engaging visual narrative free of language.

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Team 7

Project Description – Software-based model on Hurricane Resiliency Index to estimate the risk of natural hazards in specific areas.

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Team 8

Project Description – Application of Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) method to measure and alter low amplitude signals in biological systems.

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Team 9

Project Description – Gyroscopic variable transmission design for wind turbines.