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Craft Solutions for Pantex's National Security Challenges!

Join Us in Fall 2024 for our Next Pantex Innovation Challenge!

This isn't just a competition—it's a chance to make a real-world impact by working on significant problems. Engage with Pantex employees, gaining valuable insights into national security and uncovering exciting career paths. The challenge is open to all students passionate about STEM fields. Teams will focus on Pantex's problem sets that dive into national security challenges and pitch their solutions to a panel of Pantex and Texas Tech experts.

Who can participate?

To participate you must be a Texas Tech University student and U.S. citizen.

Why should you participate?

The Pantex Innovation Challenge gives participating students the opportunity to network with Pantex employees, learn about the national security industry, and develop innovative solutions to challenges. Plus, check out our prizes!


The top 3-5 teams stand a chance to win cash prizes and advance to the Innovation Hub's iLaunch Competition, with a shot at a $5,000 prize!

Apply to be a part of the next Pantex Innovation Challenge!

Applications for the 2024 Pantex Innovation Challenge will open next fall. Want to learn more? Connect with Ryan Bain, Program Manager, to learn more about our resources. 

Check out this year's Pantex Innovation Challenge Highlight Video!

Fall 2023 Pantex Innovation Challenge Photos