Texas Tech University

TTU President Highlights Focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation Hub Team

January 27, 2020

Watch: Dr. Lawrence Schovanec's exclusive interview with Hub startup Campus Live

University President Lawrence Schovanec says innovation has become "ingrained" into Texas Tech. He says that's resulting in wide-ranging appeal and impact for the university, as well as the West Texas region surrounding it. His comments come in an exclusive one-on-one interview with entrepreneur Marcus Pauda, the CEO of Campus Live. The multi-platform media company is a tenant at the Texas Tech Innovation Hub.

In the extensive interview, President Schovanec says innovation is a vital and defining factor for Tech. He cites some examples that highlight the university's commitment.

Leaders innovate

"Recently, the Vice President of Research renamed his office the Office of Research and Innovation," he says. "You can look at certain colleges, and you'll see marketing slogans that say, 'We produce innovators.' These are things that excite students. It's very much a part of their generation- the idea of being entrepreneurial. Also, it's new territory for faculty who want to see their products, their research, and their scholarship go from the laboratory to the marketplace."

Dr. Schovanec says combining innovation and entrepreneurship not only enhances the impact of Tech research; it enhances the learning experiences of students, too.

"We have to be very proactive in how we make a case for the value of a college degree and for the cause of higher ed. And part of that is connecting what we do to people's lives, to the community, to industry, to business. And that is made possible through innovation and entrepreneurial programs, the sort of thing that happens here at the Innovation Hub at Research Park," he says.

Watch President Schovanec's interview with Campus Live in its entirety in the video box above.

Campus Live startup hustle

For Pauda, his year-end interview with Dr. Schovanec brought to mind the impact Texas Tech's focus on innovation and entrepreneurship through the Hub has made on his business.

"Campus Live just celebrated our second anniversary as a company. A year ago, we joined the Innovation Hub and had access to all of the amazing resources, the structure, and the support here. In 2019, our revenue quadrupled over the first year's revenue. It's just reflective of what you can accomplish when you pair hustle with the right support and resources."

The Texas Tech University alumnus adds, "I always tell people that Campus Live is proof of Tech's motto: 'From here, it's possible.' And there are many more startups the TTU Innovation Hub has helped to launch that are proof of that motto, too."

You can follow Campus Live on any social media platform using the same handle across the board: @campuslivettu.