Texas Tech University

Episode 05: Introducing Dr. Werner Kuhr

Savannah Miller, Innovation Hub Team

July 24, 2023

Dr. Werner Kuhr shares his journey from researcher to entrepreneur, and now Texas Tech Associate Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

In this episode of the Hub Hustle, Taysha Williams, Managing Director of the Innovation Hub, welcomes Dr. Werner Kuhr, the new Associate Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to Texas Tech University. Tune in for this special edition of our podcast by clicking the button below!

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Dr. Werner Kuhr, the Associate Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Texas Tech University, plays a pivotal role in overseeing and optimizing the thriving innovation ecosystem of Texas Tech University. With experience that spans both the academic and community spheres, Dr. Kuhr is committed to fostering the advancement of research for commercialization and expanding initiatives for startup growth. 
Although Dr. Kuhr's recent arrival in Lubbock signifies a new chapter in his career, his professional journey started on the east coast of the United States in rural Pennsylvania. From there, he embarked on a transformative academic path, making significant contributions at the esteemed Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, and during his graduate studies, in Indiana. Driven by a passion for exploration, Dr. Kuhr expanded his expertise through diverse endeavors in Holland and Scotland.  
Drawing upon his exceptional academic achievements, Dr. Kuhr held the esteemed position of a Professor of Chemistry at the University of California in Riverside, California. After which, Dr. Kuhr began his transformative tenure in Denver, Colorado, where he dedicated nearly 20 years of his career to furthering innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Kuhr's extensive academic background, cross-cultural experiences, and profound expertise positioned him to further develop Texas Tech's innovation ecosystem and expand its impact across West Texas.  
In collaboration with Taysha Williams, the Innovation Hub's Managing Director, the Hub is creating new programs that cater to the advancement of our West Texas startups. By leveraging resources that identify opportunities and provide the necessary support for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses, Dr. Kuhr seeks to propel the iHub, the Office of Research Commercialization, and the Institute for Small Business to the next level. 
Dr. Kuhr shares, "Innovation can be intimidating due to its abstract nature. By offering incentives and encouragement to take that leap into the unknown, we empower individuals to pursue ventures that may seem daunting but hold the potential for substantial rewards." The Texas Tech Innovation Hub is delighted to have Dr. Kuhr as one of the newest members of its team.