Texas Tech University

Episode 07: The Faculty that Make Innovators

Kathryn Dankesreiter, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator, & Savannah Miller, PR Student Assistant

January 8, 2024

Dr. Lauren Sullivan shares her experience developing future healthcare leaders by implementing innovation and entrepreneurship into her syllabus.

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In our recent podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Lauren Sullivan, currently serving as the Assistant Dean for the Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Nursing, as well as a Faculty C Startup Ambassador for the Innovation Hub. Dr. Sullivan's professional journey began as a recruiter at the Texas Tech Health Science Center, and today, in addition to her role as Assistant Dean, she brings her expertise to the Texas Tech Honors College, where she teaches two courses. 

Dr. Sullivan's educational approach inspires young healthcare professionals to explore innovative solutions to field challenges. As a Faculty C-Startup Ambassador for the Innovation Hub, she effortlessly integrates innovation and leadership principles into her syllabi, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Sullivan believes there's a place for everyone at Texas Tech, emphasizing inclusivity across departments.

Passionate about student affairs administration, Sullivan is dedicated to helping her students succeed. In her classes, she introduces the "The Next Big Idea" assignment, where students pitch innovative solutions to healthcare challenges in 60 seconds. The Innovation Hub collaborates with Sullivan to judge these pitches, fostering a culture of innovation within the healthcare field.

As a Faculty C-Startup Ambassador, Dr. Lauren Sullivan collaborates closely with the Innovation Hub and receiving a grant that can be directed toward personal growth and the benefit of her students. Utilizing her grant for a postdoc program in partnership with Arizona State University and Georgetown University, Sullivan states, “I'm truly grateful. Being a faculty ambassador, being a part of the Innovation Hub, TTUHSC, and TTU, I feel like anything I learn is going to be given back, not only to this whole system but also to our community.” Sullivan's dedication to contributing her knowledge and experiences to both the academic system and the broader community. From her roots as a recruiter to her current influential roles, Dr. Sullivan's journey exemplifies the spirit of growth, mentorship, and innovation at Texas Tech.

Dr. Lauren Sullivan's journey from recruiter to Assistant Dean and Faculty Ambassador at Texas Tech reflects a profound commitment to growth and innovation. Through her teaching and collaboration with the Innovation Hub, she fosters a culture of inclusivity and forward-thinking. As a Faculty C Startup Ambassador, she channels her grant for personal and student growth, expressing gratitude for the chance to contribute to both academia and the community. Dr. Sullivan's narrative encapsulates the transformative impact of mentorship, education, and a dedication to innovation within Texas Tech.