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Steps for transferring care for management of ADHD:

If you are currently being treated for ADHD, Student Health recommends you continue to to have your care managed by your current prescribing provider. ADHD medications can be conveniently filled at the Student Health Pharmacy.

Steps for transferring care for management of ADHD:

  1. Submit your psychological evaluation to TTU Student Health Services by mail, fax, email, or in person.
  2. A licensed psychologist at TTU Student Health Services will review your submitted evaluation.
  3. A determination will be made of whether your evaluation meets the criteria for medication treatment of ADHD at TTU Student Health Services.
  4. You will be notified within one week of the determination.
  5. If the documentation you submitted satisfies our evaluation requirements, an initial ADHD appointment will be scheduled with one of our medical providers.
  6. If the documentation you submitted does not satisfy our evaluation requirements, you will be referred to back your prescribing physician for refills or advised to seek an appropriate evaluation.


Contact Information:

If you have questions about ADHD treatment, call 806.743.2848.

If you have records you would like to fax for evaluation, please send documents to 806.743.2122, Attn: Sylvia Cuevas.

Also, feel free to contact our Mental Health Team via email at studenthealthservices@ttuhsc.edu.

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