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Travel Health

Many students will travel internationally during their time as a student. Student Health Services has partnered with the International Affairs Study Abroad Office to ensure students who are traveling have the support and education they need to keep themselves safe while traveling internationally. 

Our nurse run Travel Clinic exists to support not only students who are traveling abroad but any Texas Tech University student who is traveling internationally.  

For Study Abroad Students:

If you are seeking a Travel Physical in order to meet the Medical Clearance requirement through Study Abroad, please visit the Study Abroad Medical Clearance website for more information. You may also submit your immunizations required for study abroad through our Travel Health Immunization Record Upload Portal. 

For Students Traveling Internationally Separate from Study Abroad:

The Student Health Travel Clinic is also available to all students who are enrolled in classes at Texas Tech University and have paid their medical service fee. If you are traveling for vacation, a mission trip, or as part of a program not associated with Study Abroad, Student Health is happy to provide a travel physical/consultation for you. Fill out the online Travel Health questionnaire to begin. Contact our Travel Health Case Manager today!





Travel Health Case Manager



We are happy to answer any questions you may have as well as schedule you an appointment with our travel nurse. 

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