Texas Tech University

University Grounds Policy

Most University are available for activities which are actively sponsored by registered student organizations and university departments. Academic use by departments has priority and assignments may be changed or cancelled if they conflict with regular academic programs.

Requests for Registered Student Organizations/University Departments/Students/Employees

  • Registered student organizations/university departments/students/ employees interested in using space outside of university buildings must submit a Grounds Use/Solicitation Request form at least 2 weeks prior to the intended use.
  • Requests and answers to questions on the process may be obtained on the Student Government Services website. Requests may also be found in the Student Government Services, Room 304 Student Union.
  • Separate request forms must be submitted for each event or activity (not for each day).

Outdoor Events Coordinating Committee

  • Requests are reviewed weekly (except on holidays) at the Monday meeting of the Outdoor Events Coordinating Committee (OECC). Requests need to be received in Student Government Services by noon on the Friday in order to be considered on the following Monday.
  • The OECC is made up of representatives from 13 departments across the campus that can assist in making sure that the interests of the requesting group and the interests of the university are met in a manner which makes the most efficient use of the requestor's time.
  • Registered student organizations/university departments/students/employees are encouraged to send a representative to the OECC meetings in order to answer questions that OECC members might have regarding the request. This will speed up the approval process as there will be no need to go back to the organization for answers and then back to the committee for further consultation.

Conditions for Use

  • The use of any amplification equipment must be approved in advance and must comply with the Student Handbook.
  • A structure may not be built on campus grounds without prior written approval.

Grounds Use / Solicitation Request Form
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For complete guidelines, refer to the Student Handbook.