Texas Tech University

Use of University Grounds

Important! Official requests must be submitted electronically as signed PDF's. The current form may be completed and sign through "Acrobat Reader". Student Organization should forward requests to their advisor for signature before submitting. All requests should be emailed to selena.torrez@ttu.edu.

Grounds Use

Selected university grounds are available for activities which are sponsored by registered student organizations, university departments, or individual students and employees. Academic use by departments has priority, and assignments may be changed or cancelled if they conflict with regular academic programs. All use must be approved. See below for policy details and forms.


The primary mission of the University is educational. The University is responsible for promoting and protecting the intellectual and cultural growth and development of the institution and the members of its community. Therefore, solicitations or advertisements, sales, displays, or distributions of publications on the campus are not permitted except as provided for below or as provided for by law.