Texas Tech University

TTU Posting Locations

Campus Posting Locations

1-Agriculture Science
1st floor hallway

1-Animal & Food Science
By bathroom of COWamongous

On the ground floor

Lower Level across from Visial Resource Center by Room B10

Must be approved by front desk in Rm 108
Bulletin Board Lobby, on the 1st floor
Biology Routunda on the Wall

Rawls COBA
EMAIL ONLY - Email poster to BA_MULTIMEDIANOTIFY@ttu.edu

Inside main entrance

1-Civil Engineering
1st floor South end between rooms 178-190

1-Electrical Engineering
1st floor South Wing

2-English & Philospohy
1st Floor- North Wing by main stairwell
1st Floor- West Wing

1-Foreign Language
1st floor on the chalk bulletin board

2- Holden Hall
1 on any bulletin board by room 104
1 on any bulletin board by rooms 75-77

1-Human Sciences
Take to Room 142 for approval before posting.

1-Law School
Take to Room 251 for approval before posting.

Must be approved in Room 308
On 1 bulletin board near copiers

4-Media & Communication
tape boards available on basement through 3rd floors

Basement (Outside Room 6)

1-School of Music
1st floor outside offices
Email Cyndy.Laughlin@ttu.edu for prior approval

Posters need to be approved by Room 101
1 across from Room 101
1 on 1st floor across from labs

1-Plant Sciences
West Entrance
Email PDF file to diann.merriman@ttu.edu

1- Psychology
Leave with secretary in the main office

1- Range and Wildlife
In the 2nd floor hallway

1-Recreation Center
At main entrance

22- Residence Halls (Wiggins Complex)
Leave with front desk (West side of the Building)
* Allow 3 days for posting

2-Student Wellness Center
1 board on each floor at end of hallway

3-Student Union Building
1 by Paciugo on 1st floor - no approval needed
2- poster size (22x28) - must take to Student Activities office (SUB Rm 020) to be posted.