Texas Tech University

Partnership Between City of Amarillo, Texas Tech is Best of Both Worlds

Dave Henry, City of Amarillo Communications Manager

November 10, 2022

students with dog

A unique partnership between the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo and the City of Amarillo (COA) is the best of both worlds.

By collaborating toward achieving shared goals, the School of Veterinary Medicine and the COA are providing valuable resources to the Amarillo community and the animal population.

School of Veterinary Medicine students are providing spaying/neutering and health services for animals in the care of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare (AAMW) – just a part of the multifaceted relationship between the School of Veterinary Medicine and COA.

“AAMW is excited to have this partnership with the Texas Tech vet school,” said AAMW Director Victoria Medley. “The partnership is a fantastic opportunity because it benefits the Amarillo community in so many ways.”

The spaying/neutering program with the School of Veterinary Medicine and AAMW provides an opportunity to deliver exceptional animal care and a tremendous experiential resource for the school's students who will become veterinarians and provide such vital services to their communities. The partnership also benefits Amarillo as AAMW is able to critically needed spay/neuter animals in its care, which helps control the animal population. 

“The partnership between the School of Veterinary Medicine and AAMW is very synergistic,” said Bethany Schilling, assistant professor of general veterinary practice. “The students are able to give back to the community in a meaningful way and gain valuable learning experiences.  The animals enjoy top quality medical care, socialization, and hopefully ultimately resulting in adoption into a loving home. The community has supported our program so much, it is such an honor to give back in this way.” 

The spaying/neutering program began this fall. So far, more than 35 animals have been spayed/neutered.

“Another benefit is the financial aspect of this partnership,” Medley said. “AAMW works with several animal rescue organizations. These rescue organizations, which are non-profit, save money because they will not have to spay or neuter animals that receive these services from the Texas Tech vet school. This also makes it easier for citizens to adopt an animal from AAMW which has been vaccinated and has been spayed or neutered.”

The spaying/neutering care provided to AAMW by the School of Veterinary Medicine is just one aspect of our collaborative partnership, which includes a clinical rotation development program at the AAMW facility. 

In their first year, students will provide physical examinations, basic bloodwork and care at the school along with volunteer efforts at the AAMW facility. Second and third-year students, along with School of Veterinary Medicine and AAMW instructors, will also provide enhanced care and diagnostics such as advanced imaging, ultrasound, sophisticated bloodwork and testing and necessary surgeries such as spays and neuters. During their fourth-year rotation, students will work alongside School of Veterinary Medicine and AAMW instructors on site at the AAMW facility.