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Sponsors are third−party agencies who provide a guarantee of payment for student registration and tuition. Qualifying sponsors can be, among others, corporations, private organizations, vocational rehabilitation offices, government agencies and international embassies. Tuition/fees will be charged to sponsoring agencies provided that all requirements are met by both domestic and international agencies.


What are my obligations?

A sponsoring agency must provide a valid financial guarantee for the student to present to the Sponsored Student Office at the beginning of each semester. A valid financial guarantee is one that meets these criteria. If the financial guarantee is not presented on or before the official TTU tuition payment deadline as published in the TTU academic calendar, the sponsorship will not be accepted and the student will be charged directly. Payment by sponsors to Texas Tech University is expected within 30 days of the invoice date.

What are the students' obligations?

We are happy to invoice and accept tuition payment from sponsors on students' behalf; however, the student is responsible for payment of every charge on their student account. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have a financial guarantee on file with the Sponsored Student Office for the duration of their sponsorship. They are responsible for any charges not covered by the sponsor. It is also the responsibility of the student to email the Sponsored Student Office to set up appointments. Students must also notify us via email before making alterations to their academic programs or course enrollments.

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