Texas Tech University

Major Change

To request a major change, submit the request below. Your major will be updated if you meet all academic requirements.

Major Change

Select your requested major.

  • If you do not yet have an admission decision at the time of your request, you are allowed to request any major and your request will be processed at once. If you do not meet the entrance requirements for your chosen major once you are admitted, your major will automatically be changed to your second choice upon admission. If you did not select a second choice or if your second choice is also restricted, you will be placed into University Undeclared.
  • If you have been admitted to the University at the time of your request, the options for changing your major could be restricted due to additional requirements of some programs. You will be allowed to select a major from the programs that you are qualified to enter.

Please refer to this link for complete information on admission requirements for specific colleges.

*If you are a currently enrolled student, please contact your advisor to complete a transfer.

Full List of Majors