Texas Tech University

Graduate Student Research Awards

Separate from endowed / dedicated awards currently on offer.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to all current graduate students within the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • The committee will determine (within financial constraints) the number of awards to be made and, in any given year, this number will vary and can be zero if no meritorious candidate is nominated
  • Award is based upon work conducted at Texas Tech University
  • Can only receive this departmental research award once during period of graduate studies (remain eligible for all other awards)
  • No more than 1 student may be nominated from any individual research group
  • Renomination is allowed in subsequent year(s)

Nomination Procedure:

  • A completed nomination packet will consist of the following items:
    • Nomination letter (1 page) from research advisor
    • Research statement (1 page) from nominee
    • Nominee's CV, to include publication list (no more than 5 pages)

In the first instance, all nominations will be sent to the graduate advisor by the appointed deadline. Any nomination received after the deadline will not be considered, nor will any nomination which lacks any of the components of the nomination packet (as defined above). After receipt, the nomination will receive an initial eligibility assessment. All eligible nominations will be considered by an ad-hoc committee; this committee will consist of at least one representative from each division. If a committee member has a conflict (i.e. their student has been nominated) they will not score that application.


  1. Nomination letter = 1 to 5 points; 5 = very strong, 1 = very weak
  2. Research statement = 1 to 5 points; 5 = excellent writing, 1 = poor writing
  3. Publications (up to 20 points)
    1. Number of publications = 1 to 5 points; 5 = highly productive, 1 = no publications
    2. Authorship = 1 to 5 points; 5 = all first / last author, 1 = no first author
    3. Quality of publications = 1 to 5 points; 5 = highest impact, 1 = low impact
    4. Scientific presentations = 1 to 5 points; 5 = highest impact, 1 = low impact

These numbers should reflect discipline norms.

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