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Liz Hildebrand: Senior Advisor


Liz has been employed at Texas Tech for 18 ½ years; 16 years with the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures. As Senior Advisor, her areas of responsibility include: undergraduate advisor for Spanish, Classics, and RLAS; undergraduate advisor for study abroad for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish; and graduate advisor for domestic student applications. She is the departmental scheduler of courses.

During her career at TTU, she has witnessed numerous changes within CMLL, especially changes that impact the student body. She has had the pleasure of getting to know her advisees individually during the course of their undergraduate career and of helping them beyond graduation. Liz says, "I hope that, as our majors look back, they will know that, as an advisor, I took great pride in their achievements and enjoyed working with each of them."

Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

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