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The Language Learning Laboratory & Resource Center (LLL&RC) supported many projects and activities in CMLL this past summer session. The ITA program held a successful ITA workshop. We were able to provide technical support with their presentations and required examinations. The ITA students took advantage of using the LLL&RC as they worked towards improving their English language skills. The majority of the summer was spent preparing the lab for the installation of new multimedia software. The new software will increase CMLL's capabilities in the types of activities, testing, etc. to support language learning and assessment.

In addition to preparing for the new software installation, the LLL&RC has been working to develop plans to enlarge the physical space of the lab. Construction will begin in January and the lab will have two operational lab spaces. This will allow the LLL&RC to accommodate more classes throughout the semester. Please begin making your reservations as soon as possible so that we are better able to assist in your planning.


Dr. Rodrigo Pereyra worked on a project this summer to create a guide for graduate students wishing to use the Digital Humanities Lab (DHL) for graduate work and research. The DHL is available for all CMLL graduate students. Please take advantage of this great resource available in our own building!

We are excited about the increase in activity in the LLL and encourage more use by all languages. We will continue to support classes in all languages and please feel free to come inquire about how you can incorporate technology into your instruction. Return to Issue 9 Index

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