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Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

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Cooperative Education Programs

Cooperative Education (co-op) is a partnership between the employer, the student, and the Whitacre College of Engineering. Employers gain the opportunity to recruit and evaluate students early, students gain invaluable job experience and training, and the University builds relationships with companies that help us stay informed about the latest advances in engineering.

How Co-Ops Work

Before deciding if a co-op is right for your company, consider the expectations we have for our co-op partners.

  • Provide work experiences related to the student's degree
  • Provide appropriate support and evaluation
  • Provide a wage appropriate for the skill level of the position

Students typically start a co-op after their sophomore year. Students are encouraged to either complete back-to-back work terms like spring/summer, summer/fall, or fall/spring with the same company, or they can complete three, one-semester tours with the same company and alternate semesters at work and at school.

Exact academic requirements for students going on co-ops are usually determined through their department advisor. Please encourage any co-op student you hire to visit their academic advisor for advising on how the co-op will fit in to their degree requirements.

Employer Benefits

Being a part of our co-op program has unique advantages for employers.

  • Identify, evaluate, and recruit talented students early
  • Increase on-campus awareness of your company's culture
  • Build a relationship with Texas Tech

Getting Involved

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