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 Utilizing Our Students' Talents

The Whitacre College of Engineering has a long tradition of providing students with an excellent education. In fact, The Wall Street Journal has ranked Texas Tech University among the top 25 engineering schools in the nation. We also provide students with many opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom through student organizations, volunteer opportunities, and events. With more than five thousand engineering students attending Texas Tech each year, we know that you will be able to find the talented, driven men and women needed to make your company prosper. But don't just take our word for it! Sign up on our careers site, Job Grid, in order to search resumes; post co-ops, internships, and full-time positions; schedule interviews and information sessions; register for our semi-annual Job Fairs; and connect to the many opportunities available to you. At the Whitacre College of Engineering, we do everything in our power to connect bright students with the best employers in the world.

Recruiting Policies and Procedures

As you recruit at Texas Tech, please note that all employers must abide by Whitacre College of Engineering Recruiting Policies and Procedures. Please email coe.careers@ttu.edu with any questions or to request more detail.