Texas Tech University



Resume and Cover Letter Critiques

Resume and Cover Letter Critiques are offered through Engineering Career Services in the Engineering Opportunities Center. Please check your Texas Tech email for more information on getting a critique.

Remember to reference the TTU Engineering resume template and sample resume to get started on your resume!

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are a great way to improve your interview skills and receive constructive feedback in a simulated interview environment. We offer mock interviews to  all engineering students to help them prepare for intern, co-op, and full-time interviews.

You do not have to have an upcoming interview to schedule a mock interview – it's always a good time to practice! Please email coe.careers@ttu.edu to get more detail and schedule a mock interview.

Workshops and Training

The EOC hosts regular workshops and training for students. Log on to Hire Red Raiders to see a schedule of upcoming careers events. Announcements and reminders about upcoming workshops will also be sent out through the EOC Careers email, coe.careers@ttu.edu.

Examples of workshop topics include:

  • How to Use Hire Red Raiders
  • Job Search Tips and Advice
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Job Fair Prep
  • Interview Tips
  • LinkedIn
  • Navigating the Post-Interview/Offer Phase of the Job Search
  • Networking and Professional Communication

Other Services

We are here to help with anything career services-related: Cover Letter Critiques, Elevator Pitch Critiques, LinkedIn Profile Critiques, Offer Reviews, and more are available in the EOC! Email coe.careers@ttu.edu with any questions or to request an appointment.