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staffAsif Ahmed is a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering who works as a student assistant in Texas Tech University's Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Main Office. He is a highly involved and active student at Texas Tech who is a member of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), First Generation Transition & Mentoring Programs (FGTMP), and ConocoPhillips Center for Engineering Enrichment and Diversity (CPCEED) from which he was awarded the Melissa Furnace Scholarship for his outstanding involvement. In the previous semester, he was also awarded a spot on the Dean's List.

Asif does fantastic work as an engineering student and student assistant. He is a natural leader who takes pride in his work and was especially proud of the time he performed as a chief organizer for Texas Tech's Get Excited About Robotics (GEAR) program aimed toward K-8 students. He enjoys the flexible and welcoming atmosphere of the ECE office and is inspired by the work ethic of his colleagues.

Outside of work, Asif enjoys volunteering in the local community and participating in outreach programs where he loves to meet new people and enhance his communication skills. In three words, Asif can be described as passionate, hard-working, and friendly.

staffDino Castro works as a Technician III in the Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics in the Texas Tech Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department, and he has been serving the ECE department for 34 years now. His current role is to get the east research facilities for the new project that is coming up. Since Dino has been with the ECE department for so long, he is most proud of the students' academic success and the accomplishments of the department itself.

Dino enjoys working in the ECE department because of the fun company of students and faculty members. Outside of work, Dino enjoys numerous activities such as playing golf and restoring cars. He also loves to work on different projects regarding electricity.

Over his 34 years of experience in the ECE department, Dino's best memory is that he had the opportunity to work with three generations of ECE students since 1988. He is proud of the fact that the previous students of ECE are now his supervisors. As for his worst memory, he fears the day he retires from “this honorable ECE department.”

In short, Dino is respectful, generous, and helpful. He is a great asset to the Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas Tech. He will always be honored by the department for his great work ethic and amazing service.

staffJackie Charlebois has been with Texas Tech University (TTU) Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) for the past 18 years. Presently, she is the Academic Administrative Coordinator for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Program. She is the first contact Ph.D. and Master's students encounter for advising services. She also works closely with the Texas Tech University Graduate School, processing all necessary reports and information for each graduate student in the ECE Graduate Program. Before joining Texas Tech, Jackie was an employee of Texas Instruments for 21 years.

In her years at TTU, Jackie has also enjoyed coordinating events for the Electrical and Computer Engineering, such as Christmas parties, IEEE Banquets, and IAB Meetings. She says, “it's the people that brings her the greatest joy.” She calls the ECE staff “My Buddies” and “My Family.”

Jackie also has a BIG love for animals. She owns two dogs and two cats. Cody, a white Pomeranian, Bella, a Yorkie, Charlee, a Persian cat, and Buddy, a gray and white tabby cat. If you ask Jackie a question about different types of dogs and cats, she will really surprise you with her knowledge about them. Another love of Jackie's is Christmas! During the holiday season, you can see her office turn into a Winter Wonderland. Every space in her office would be decorated for Christmas with blinking lights, foam like snow, and much more!

The history that Jackie has created for the ECE Department will forever be in the memories of those who have shared some of the most fun times with her. She will leave you laughing at every turn. Her sense of humor and friendship are priceless.

staffHelene Deng is a first-year Computer Engineering major who works as a Student Assistant in Texas Tech University's Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Main Office. This semester, Helene also works as a team coordinator for Texas Tech's GEAR program, and she received the IEEE Freshman of the Year award. In the previous semester, she was awarded a spot on the President's List. Prior to her arrival at Texas Tech, Helene participated in the Texas Tech University Electrical Engineering summer high school program, Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP), directed by Dr. Stephen Bayne and was an excellent student in college-level research. This summer, Helene will participate in the Honors Study Abroad Program in Italy.

Helene is not only a great engineering student, but she is also creative in electronic media, advertising, and editing. She is an active editor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Newsletter. She continues to provide support and many new and innovative ideas for the Texas Tech ECE department's outreach.

She enjoys working in the ECE Main Office because of the thoughtful and professional atmosphere of the department. Outside of work, Helene looks forward to sharing time with friends and catching up on her favorite shows and books. She also makes time for DIY projects as well.

If you describe Helene, she is hard-working, ambitious, and extraordinary. She is a great asset to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and to Texas Tech University.

staffJoel Perez currently works as a Technician III with the Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Texas Tech. He has been with the university and department for 14 years. His job consists of performing skilled mechanical and analytical duties in the coordination and completion of projects. Joel is quite attentive about his work as it is performed under general guidelines using established procedures.

Joel is most proud to be a first-generation college graduate who “walked across the prestigious stage at Texas Tech University,” earning a bachelor's degree in 2019. He quotes, “I owe it to my family and friends, but most of all my Wife for all their support in this journey…Goes to show you that anything is possible, Guns UP!!”

Joel enjoys working for the ECE department because of the experience he gathers working on different projects and collaborating with students from all over the country and the world. Outside of work, Joel enjoys spending time with family, reading, and learning new things in life.
To describe Joel, he is ambitious, dependable, and a leader. Joel is a great part of Texas Tech's Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

staffRichard Woodcock works as a Unit Manager in the Texas Tech Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Woodcock does an excellent job managing the stockroom, undergraduate labs, the building, and the department's inventory. Additionally, Woodcock is also the safety officer and the building emergency manager. He has spent several years qualifying logic devices such as space shuttle fleet for use in military and space, and this is something that makes him proud.

Woodcock loves to work with the lab students since he shares a great bond with them through his experience of working at Texas Tech for nine years now. He continues to inspire the students with his work ethic and the passion he has for what he does. Outside of work, he enjoys camping and power lifting.

In short, Woodcock is independent and dependable in the work he does for the Texas Tech Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.