Texas Tech University

After Acceptance to an International Experience Program

  1. Log into the Texas Tech Study Abroad website and read the acceptance letter
  2. Complete new application items including:
    1. Uploading immunization records
    2. Uploading a colored scan of your signed passport information page (both top and bottom)  
  3. If participating in a partner or semester program, apply to the partner institution simultaneously
  4. Review potential visa requirements for your country and program
  5. Review potential entrance requirements for your country and program
  6. Commit to the program by the commitment deadline provided by your program manager. Please review the withdrawal and refund policy before committing.
  7. Attend any program meetings provided by the host institution, affiliated provider, or program manager
  8. Purchase airfare after permission from program manager or provider
  9. Review the Traveling Abroad Page and check the general packing list
  10. Notify appropriate parties of your upcoming travel including:
    1. Bank (specify your upcoming location and dates abroad
    2. Credit Card Company (specify your upcoming location and dates abroad)
    3. Parents, Guardians, and Mentors
    4. Phone Provider (if necessary)
  11. Print out important documents such as:
    1. Plane ticket
    2. Colored copy of passport and/or visa
    3. Copy of credit card and/or debit card
    4. Provider information if available
  12. Follow any other instructions given to you by the program manager, host institution, or provider
  13. Check your TTU email while abroad
  14. Keep all coursework and syllabi while abroad (if participating in a credit-bearing program)
  15. Request transcripts from host institution or provider (if participating in a credit-bearing program)
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