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Financial Resources

At times students may be facing financial difficulty, the university provides a variety of resources to support students financially to assist them in the continue pursuit of a degree.

Below is a list of those resources and an opportunity to request additional assistance should these resources not meet a student's needs.

Food Insecurity

Food is available for students who may not have regular access to sufficient food. Food options are available through the Food Pantry located in 117 Doak Hall. For more information contact the Office of the Dean of Students: (806) 742-2984.

Payment Options

Payment Plans

Accepted Payment Types


Book Loans

Book loans are available each semester. The maximum amount for Fall/Spring terms is $500.00. The maximum available for Summer terms is $200.00 per session.

Graduate and Undergraduate students may apply for a book loan online at sbsbookloans.ttu.edu.

Athletes must apply for book loans in person in room West Hall 333.

Short Term Loan

Short-term loans are available to Texas Tech University (TTU) students who require short term funding for college-related expenses and who are currently enrolled or have previously attended Texas Tech University and wish to return to the university. The majority of short-term loans must be paid back in full during the semester in which the funds are borrowed.

Prior Term Loans

Loan Information Link

Student Employment Center

The student employment office in Student Financial Aid (SFA) works with students and  employers within Texas Tech and off campus to develop and list student job openings

We help students find suitable job opportunities and assist employers and students with employment forms and other requirements.


Red to Black Peer Financial Coaching

Red to Black Peer Financial Coaching provides financial education and awareness to students through individual coaching sessions, presentations and outreach booths. We cover topics such as creating budgets, building and using credit wisely, maximizing student loans, and choosing employee benefits. Our purpose is to empower students so that they can achieve their financial goals. We believe that no one understands the needs and concerns of students better than fellow students!

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Raider Relief Fund

As a result of financial distress, some students may postpone payment of utilities, delay needed doctor visits, go without proper meals, or even drop a class. When an unexpected expense occurs such as a doctor visit, pharmacy bill, higher utility bill, etc., the student may be unable to pay. While scholarships and financial aid cover tuition and fees, less money remains for living and other educational expenses. The Raider Relief Fund was established to support students with these other expenses to ensure the student is able to remain enrolled at the institution.

There are two awards available from the Raider Relief Fund.

    • Emergency Financial Award of a maximum of $500 for rent, utilities, etc.
    • Critical Financial Crisis Award maximum of $500

Raider Relief Fund basic criteria:

    • Prior to award approval, all other options must be exhausted. Including but not limited to additional financial aid, loans, family or friend support.
    • Qualified undergraduate students must be enrolled for 12 hours with a minimum Institutional GPA of 2.0
    • Graduate students must be enrolled for 9 hours with a minimum Institutional GPA of 3.0
    • Students must have completed at least 12 hours at Texas Tech and must be enrolled for the next semester once registration becomes available
    • Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing

Apply for the Raider Relief Fund

Critical Financial Crisis Award basic criteria, for a complete list of criteria and award process please complete the Raider Relief Fund application.

Critical Financial Crisis Awards are reserved for those students who do not meet the traditional Raider Relief Fund criteria and the lack of funding endangers their health or safety or are in a financial crisis due to a natural disaster.

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